One Year Olds -16-24 months Ratio 1:5

Toddlers - Granite Start Early Learning Center Nashua NH 03060

The one year old program is a fun and cheerful place for your child to spend their day. Our program supports your child’s growth by providing an interactive setting, where language skills expand quickly. A warm and safe environment and positive interactions foster a one year olds sense of trust and self esteem. The classroom space and materials are organized to support the children’s need to explore, discover and to be independent. Your child will be encouraged to participate in daily activities to develop self help skills and feel good about themselves. Activities provide repeated opportunities with sensory experiences and help strengthen and develop large and small muscles, hand eye coordination and promote thinking and communication skills. Our teachers promote positive behaviors, set limits and are always available to support the children’s conflicting need for independence and comfort. The one year old program includes curriculum areas of art, cooking, dramatic play, manipulative activities, language and music & movement. The planned activities are designed to foster a positive self concept as they develop their self help skills and gain a feeling of independence and control over their environment. When your child is ready to move into the Toddler program they will do so with a sense of excitement about learning with a solid foundation for a successful experience.

Toddler Program 24 – 30 months Ratio 1:6

Miss Nicole & Miss Brenda

Our Toddler Program strives to create a love of learning. Two year olds are filled with an abundant amount of energy and curiosity about the world around them and are developing a sense of increasing independence. Our goal is to help your child meet the milestones of this important developmental stage in an environment that provides safety, freedom with boundaries, individual attention, enrichment and encouragement. The primary goal at Granite Start is for your child to gain confidence in themselves and their surroundings. The teachers work with the parents to develop a plan for the children to encourage self help skills such as sitting for meals, using utensils correctly, dressing and undressing and toilet training. We encourage the toddlers emotional and social development by helping each child recognize and deal with the challenges of their feelings. Showing respect, learning to share and helping each other is the beginning of developing caring relationships with adults and friends. The Toddler classroom is a place where dependable settings and routine are in place so that the children begin to feel secure where they will start to increase their skills and develop individually and with their peers.

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