Pre-K Program Ratio 1:12

Pre-K Care - Granite Start Early Learning Center Nashua NH 03060

Pre-K children thrive when they can experience new materials, roles, ideas and activities. Granite Starts four year old program runs from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm to allow the children to adjust between the two hour preschool program and the full day Kindergarten.

Each child deserves to be engaged, supported and challenged. This is accomplished in the Pre-K classroom by providing hands-on cooperative play and a thoughtfully planned curriculum that is designed to stimulate the mind and provide socialization opportunities for the individual child and the group. The children are encouraged to ask questions and be a part of the learning process as they make connections to the world around them.

The typical Pre-K day is designed to transition children through guided activities that support their development and challenge their growth. Themes are used to build on developmental changes by exploring units such as space, seeds and planting and senses and nutrition. We encourage growth in each curriculum area from reading to math, and social studies to science.

The Pre-K utilizes the “Handwriting Without Tears” curriculum. This developmental approach provides one of the foundational skills of language development. Our goal is to help the children learn proper handwriting habits such as posture paper and pencil skills that will transfer to all of their writing experiences. Field trips are planned a few times a year to enhance the classroom instruction and give the children hands-on experiences. We nurture each child’s developmental stage to ensure successful discoveries, a love of learning, and a strong sense of self.