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Infant Care - Granite Start Early Learning Center Nashua NH 03060

An infant room is usually a parents first introduction to child care and at Granite Start we strive to be a comforting presence in parents lives.

Our staff works to help your child reach their developmental milestones which includes rolling, sitting, crawling for the younger infants, and standing and eventually walking for the older infants. Each classroom provides a warm, nurturing environment where each baby is special and encouraged to explore and develop new skills at their own pace.

The infant room schedule allows flexibility to meet each Childs needs as well as leaving room for some planned activities, and also facilitates the infants curiosity and promotes self-learning, which aids mastery of the skills necessary for problem solving.

Older infants will experience time in our gross motor room once they are able to start moving about. There are many opportunities for the children to be able to express their creativity through art projects with materials which primarily include food soluble substances such as pudding, baby food etc. On some days the only clothing required will be a diaper as they dive into creative expression body painting.

Generally, your Childs favorite “playmate” will be their teacher. We support the Primary Caregiver Theory. Each one of our children’s primary care needs are met by the same staff member in order to form a bond between the two of them. This helps to ease some of the normal anxieties an infant may have upon separation. All of our infants receive care that is specific to their needs and schedules from their primary care giver who focuses on each child as on individual.

Daily communication between teachers and parents coordinates home and center routines and develops close relationships between center and children and families. A balance of sameness and variety is maintained while attention is focused on play, sharing the excitement of each moment, and recognizing and giving praise for all accomplishments.

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