Preschool Program 30-48 months Ratio 1:8

Preschool 1

Preschool 2

Pre-School Care - Granite Start Early Learning Center Nashua NH 03060

Granite Start Preschool Program enhances the confidence of three year olds as they gain more self esteem and feel ready to take on the world. The teachers provide activities that help children become problem solvers as they learn to help themselves and get along with others.

The independent exploration, structured activities and hands on learning help to develop a variety of skills and knowledge in areas like early literacy, math, science and social skills.

During the course of a day, the children are encouraged to make choices for themselves, cooperate with others as well as listen and follow directions. Classroom teachers lead the children in small and large group activities such as circle time, stories, movement and art activities.

In addition making friends, sharing, and communicating with their classmates is a part of the classroom focus. Self help skills are also part of the routine as they are prompted to use the bathroom on their own, although assistance is given if necessary.

Preschool children work on hand writing skills, colors shapes and numbers as they prepare for the challenges of the Pre-K classroom.

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