Parents say it all…

“Granite start has been a blessing to our life since the day my son started there. My son is a bit behind in his emotional development, and I was very concerned that would impact his day-to-day activities in class. Joyce and all of the teachers that work with my son on a daily basis are a great support system for him. They are patient, supportive, and truly have his best interests at hand. The daily communication about how my sons day went, where we struggled, where we overcame obstacles, is so helpful because it helps me stay on top of what is going on.”

“As a parent, I entrust my greatest blessings to the staff at Granite Start every day, and I am grateful for the loving care and guidance they receive. Joyce and her Teachers look at each child as an individual, with their own strengths and needs. My daughter has learned so much in the year and 1/2 she has been here and loves to share with me the great activities that go on each day at “school!” Thank you Granite Start for helping me be a better parent to my children. You have shown me techniques to help with the “Terrific 2’s”, ways to discipline with love and patience and teach with fun!”

“My name is Sophia and my 3 year old daughter attends Granite Start on a full time basis. Where do I even begin with all the wonderful things I have to say about the school?
The first couple of weeks dropping my daughter off (my 1st child) were agonizing for me as a new parent and every single teacher was so wonderful and accommodating. They helped not only my daughter but my husband and I with this transition and within 3 weeks, the drop off process was smooth and my daughter was excited about going to school.
Since that time, she has grown through a couple classrooms and every single new teacher has been so great. Any concern or idea my husband and I have had, have been communicated and discussed openly with a willingness to try anything new! Each teacher has had an “open door policy” and each idea has been embraced!
My daughter has learned and grown so much, including knowing how to spell her name (just turned 3 in March) . The educational program is fantastic and allows each child to learn and develop in their own natural time!
All the teachers and Joyce genuinely cares for my daughter and we genuinely care for all of them and now consider each one a part of our extended family. Each morning, we are greeted with a bright smile and when picking my daughter up in the evening as she runs across the room with an equally big smile on her face makes me elated that we found Granite Start!
As we start to think of extending our family, we are excited to grow right along with Granite Start and continue to support all they do in every way!
To conclude, Granite Start is hands down the BEST decision we made for our daughter and we are forever grateful for the care, love and security they have provided to my entire family!
As a parent, I would love the opportunity to welcome your family to the Granite Start community and hope to meet your new little bundle one day! Please feel free to email me at any time, I would be happy to help in any way!”
Have a great evening!

“Granite Start (GS) provides quality care and an exceptional learning environment for my children. Compassionate staff members embrace each child as an individual and adapt to meet his/her needs. GS truly offers an environment where kids can be kids – expanding their knowledge of letters, numbers, shapes, and more; as well as challenging them physically, mentally, and socially through interactive projects and play.”

“Jeremy has grown so much since starting at Granite Start over the Summer. He has gone from barely knowing his ABC’s to being able to read level 1 books independently. Not only has his academic skills grown but his social skills have also blossomed. I hear stories about his friends and their day every night. Granite Start has truly been a blessing in our lives.”